The Subject

Taking classic escape room gameplay, compressing it down to an uncomfortably small scale and mixing in a mind-bending narrative, The Subject is a truly unique experience for two or more players.

The Subject is an escape room experience like no other. The game is designed for multiple players; one player enters a small, cramped box, and is locked inside. The other player(s) must solve a series of puzzles to free their teammate. The twist? The information they need to solve the puzzles is on the inside of the box.

In the ultimate test of communication, concentration and calmness under pressure, players must work together to piece together a mysterious narrative, solve the puzzles, and free the subject from the box before their time is up…

The Subject was a solo project, designed with two aims: to redefine what escape room games can be, and take them to a new level of intensity.

Press coverage includes Metro and LadBible.