Little Garden in the City

A meditative experience in which players tend to a community garden and support their neighbours to flourish and bloom.

Put down new roots and become part of a close-knit community in Little Garden in the City, a meditative gardening sim. Envisioned as a slower-paced relative to Harvest Moon, the aim of this project was to pair simple farming sim gameplay mechanics with a cosy aesthetic to teach mindfulness and emotional self-care practices.

The game was designed to be a mindfulness activity in itself. Players were encouraged to play the game over weeks and months rather than in one sitting, taking a break from their day to check in and slowly cultivate their garden: tending to their plants, listening to relaxing music and catching up with the cast of positive characters who would share their stories on the garden’s bulletin board.

Little Garden in the City is no longer in development, but an early demo of the game is available to play on The game was worked developed by a team of eight. I was responsible for game and narrative design.