Part game, part interactive theatre piece, Adulting? puts participants in the shoes of a put-upon parent who is tasked with quickly completing chores as their child vies for their attention.

Adulting? melds WarioWare-style minigames with a physical game-space and control inputs, as well as a real actor, to create a playable experience that forces players to examine what they prioritise, both inside and outside the game world.

Participants take on the role of a parent and homemaker. Their immediate priority upon entering the playspace is to complete a simple set of chores: vacuuming, running a bath, and filling in a tax return form. However, their child, played by an actor demands attention and conversation throughout, adding an additional layer to the experience.

Adulting? was created over two months by a team of three. It places PC minigames, built in Unity, within a physical space. My responsibilities included game design, programming and UI design.